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Short history

This is an example for an image Until today the evolution of ISROM Company has three stages of organization:
Stage 1 - Direct Importer and Authorized Distributor of industrial components (1992-1998).
Stage 2 - Supplier of industrial technical solutions (1998-2002).
Stage 3 - Production Company, Research and Development, Engineering (2002-present).


Fulfilling the customers' requirements and needs by providing solutions, products and services of the highest quality, supporting them in their strategy to achieve their stated objectives.

Object of activity

ISROM operates on two main areas of action:
1. Production of industrial automation equipment for various applications in industry and industrial services.
2. Import and distribution of industrial components, ISROM being the direct partner in Romania, of several manufacturers of components, each of them being one of the world leaders of the field.

Statement of business ethics

ISROM guarantees and promotes to all its partners the respect of honesty and ethics principles in business and society.


S.C. ISROM Impex S.R.L.
Tudor Vladimirescu no. 56B Street
Postal code: 410203
Tel: 0259/457.771 (5 lines)
Fax: 0259/457.772

Our diplomas

During the time of our activity we have received numerous certificates attesting our performance. Thus, in the last 4 years in a row we were awarded 1st place in Top Business Romania (Bihor county) for our main object of activity.

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ISO Certifications

Since 2004 ISROM implements and currently maintains a Quality Management System (QMS) that meets the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001:2001.


Our awards

In 1999 we were awarded with PLATINUM INTERNATIONAL STAR FOR QUALITY for strategic planning, customer satisfaction, management and TQM Implementation CC 100. The award was presented to us by the World Quality Commitment in collaboration with the Business Initiative Directions.
In 2004, we were awarded the INTERNATIONAL AWARD FOR BUSINESS LEADERSHIP & PRESTIGE. The prize is awarded by the Trade Leaders' Club, along with the gold badge, Global Quality Management.

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  • 08/08/2013 New ISROM website launch
  • 20/10/2010 ISROM online shop www.isrom.net launch


S.C. ISROM Impex S.R.L.
T. Vladimirescu St. no. 56B
410203 Oradea

Tel: 0259/457.771 (5 lines)
Fax: 0259/457.772